Rug Care Guide


When you buy a new rug, you want to look after it to ensure that the rug lasts as long as possible and stays looking in tip top condition and as beautiful as ever. Here, we have put together a rug care and maintenance guide to provide you with a few tips on how to take care of your new rug.



  • Be cautious of foot traffic over your new rug, don’t place delicate rugs such as viscose rugs or silk rugs in high-traffic areas of your home such as kitchens or hallways.

  • Most new rugs, especially tufted ones such as wool rugs or shaggy will shed for a short period at the beginning as they need time to settle. Regular vacuuming using the suction-only attachment on a low-powered vacuum should keep the shedding at bay.

  • In addition, regular vacuum your rug – this will keep dirt, dust mites and other particles from getting embedded in your rug's fibre.

  • For loop pile rugs, use a beater brush bar or brush to avoid causing the rug to look felted and to avoid damage.

  • Use extra caution when vacuuming handmade rugs as the suction can pull the weave, alternatively, you can take the rug outside to shake it out.


  • Blot up spills immediately with a white towel or tissue. Never rub a spill as this forces the spill deeper into the rug. Please note that viscose and Tencel rugs should never be cleaned with any water or liquid. For anything more, it's best to call in the professionals.

  • Avoid pulling loose threads – cut them if you spot them.

  • To keep your rug in shape - rotate the rug 180 degrees every few months to avoid uneven fading and wear.

  • Avoid placing your rug in exposure to direct sunlight, as it will fade the colour of the rug.

  • Some rugs come with built-in anti-slip backing but for those that don’t it is worthwhile investing in anti-slip matt or underlay to extend the life of your rug.

  • Use furniture cups if placing under furniture.

  • Avoid folding your rug. If you need to move your rug, then note that wool or viscose rugs need to be rolled with the backing facing outwards to avoid damaging the pile.

  • If you need to store your rug, keep it in a dry, temperature-controlled and ventilated area to prevent fading.

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