Viscose Rugs

Silk & Viscose Rugs

Silk rugs are beautiful delicate short pile rugs that have a unique brilliant sheen about them and vivid colours. The sheen comes from the natural silk fibres from a number of sources. The sources of silk can come from spiders, moth cocoons, banana trees, or even bamboo trees. The fibres easily hinder dust and dirt accumulation as well as preventing dust mites, which makes silk rugs great for people with allergies.

Care Guide for Silk Rugs

Vacuum your silk rugs regularly with a brushless suction head. Try not to use a beater or roller brushes as they may pull out fibres and reduce the pile of the rug causing damage. Ideally, it is best to sweep silk rugs with a broom. Gentle sweeping to the rug avoids any damage to the fibres. Shaking the rug outside will also help in removing dust and debris as well as help to air out the rug or remove any odours. It is important to remove stains/solid spills immediately before they set in and attach to the silk fibres. To do this, gently scoop solid debris from the fibres using a spoon; be sure to not scrape the fibres of the rug, as this will tear the silk pile. It is important to avoid any commercial cleaning agents that may cause damage or discolour your silk rug.

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